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KISS 2 PVGIS is a highly efficient simplified approach to the management and calculation of solar energy systems production.
In line with the original definition of KISS "keep it simple, stupid," the KISS 2 PVGIS solar simulators are based on the principles of simplicity and streamlining to optimize the performance, efficiency, and durability of solar installations.

PVGIS "Photovoltaic Geographical Information System" analyzes GPS, meteorological, and other data to determine the profile of a solar device, estimating photovoltaic production.
Utilizing Google Maps data, this software is both precise and user-friendly.

PVGIS was launched by the European Commission in 2007 with the aim of supporting the development of renewable energies by providing maximum information to citizens worldwide, free of charge.

KISS 2 PVGIS is entirely free of charge.


Based on your annual electricity consumption and GPS location, KISS 2 PVGIS calculates the required energy storage capacity and the necessary solar panel power to meet these needs.

KISS 2 PVGIS generates a comprehensive, free report designed for residential and commercial applications, aiming to achieve energy independence.

It includes the following elements:


Estimation of energy storage needs in kWh.


Determination of solar panel requirements for battery charging.


Evaluation of carbon footprint.


KISS 2 PVGIS assesses the solar energy production capacity of all types of roofs worldwide at no cost. Over sixteen thousand types of roofs have been cataloged.

KISS 2 PVGIS generates a comprehensive, free report designed for residential and commercial applications to calculate the solar productivity of a roof.

It includes the following elements:


Determination of solar panels in kWc.


Estimation of solar production in kWh.


Evaluation of carbon footprint.


WIMSE is a BtoC e-commerce platform that allows residential and commercial customers to directly purchase solar equipment from suppliers, without the markups of distributors or the commercial margins of solar installers.

WIMSE has a global network of experienced and certified solar artisans who provide direct installation, commissioning, and local maintenance services. WIMSE connects its customers to its network of solar artisans for free, without fees or commissions, while ensuring and monitoring the technical expertise of these artisans.

WIMSE has partnered with KISS 2 PVGIS to provide you with free financial information regarding your solar installation, automatically integrating information from the solar technical report. This includes:


A complete list of equipment required for solar installation, along with direct BtoC prices.


Financial analysis of return on investment (ROI) based on electricity tariffs applied by the public network in your country.


Calculation of the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the investment.